/holistic storytelling

The aim of holistic storytelling is 'total' communication.

This method is designed to help two kinds of  businesses specifically:

Ones that offer services with special expertise and they are not big enough yet to build and sustain a complete Marketing department,

Ones that already have some marketing capacities, but would like to differentiate themselves with unique communication solutions,

The method is ‘holistic’ because it is based on acknowledging that in the world of Big Data, there are hundreds of little stories happening with your business, every single day. 

Storytelling goes way beyond marketing. It is a presentation of the value you bring to the world, based on the data generated by your operation.

This is what communication means in a totally digitalized world that is facing unprecedented challenges, year by year.

Every stakeholder (client, employee, partner) understands the world through processes, and are looking for organizations (services, brands, and personalities) that they think fit well into their own story.

This holistic, total method does not differentiate between marketing, sales, internal communications, recruiting, or employer branding, because it observes these arbitrary categories from above, and examines them with a comprehensive view.

When we create a communication strategy based on holistic storytelling, we scan the inner workings of the whole organization. Then, we build a unique method for continuous storytelling which generates value for the target audience in a way that demonstrates the expertise within the organization. The execution of the finished strategy is based on managing the organization’s own resources optimally.

The desired result is a system, which is mostly automated, and can generate communication activities effortlessly and elegantly. These activities secure the communication goals of the organization through value generation.  Furthermore, this being a comprehensive analysis, you can expect valuable insights into sales and other operational areas of the business, as an added result.

The strategy-building process is an intense consultation effort that requires trust. Non-disclosure, assertive communication, and radical candor are indispensable for both sides.

The process takes 3 months, on average. It contains preliminary research, interviews, and cooperative examination in the shape of coworking. Implementation and adjustments are parts of the final stages of this collaboration.