I’m Gergő Benedek, sociologist, journalist and copywriter with 20+ years of experience.

Ever since my teenage years, I’ve felt a strong urge to tell the stories I feel are important, interesting, or strange, hopefully all at once.

I studied to become a sociologist and journalist. My first full-time employment has been a government job in  European Union development PR, I worked for radio stations and newspapers.

I’ve been blogging since it was invented, and I did my podcast when there were less than a dozen podcasts in my language. I got hired by an ad agency, and after 3 years, in the Spring of 2014, I went solo and moved out of Budapest into a cabin in the forests nearby. I’ve been working remotely ever since, living a digital druid lifestyle

I feel like most organizations don’t maximize their communication opportunities, which means they often lack the tools to make the most of the content I can deliver for them. This is why I’ve founded Black Unicorn, so I can give them an easy-to-use toolkit for creating a framework that makes all aspects of their communication unique, original, and high value.

The Black Unicorn offers consulting and content.  

This means I can help you with creating high-quality, impactful, and unique articles, blog posts, e-books, web copy, and any kind of long-form text.  Stories to remember.

The consulting‍ side is when I unleash my full potential to make the most of your communication opportunities through holistic storytelling. I carefully review your whole business process and come up with original ideas and solutions that can elevate your marketing and storytelling to the next level.

Finally, my coaching offers you the unique opportunity to use holistic storytelling on your own, whether you want to elevate the marketing of your business to the next level, or you want to build a successful career as a content writer or consultant, helping other businesses grow.