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1. Longterm Content Collaboration - LEXUNIT:

Lexunit is a developer team, focusing on AI solutions, with an engineering background and mindset.

I support their efforts with interesting blog posts and LinkedIn content copywriting.

We identify keywords that are important in their niche. Their main clients are US-based startups. 

This means that these articles need to serve multiple purposes

– there is a strong educational goal, because business leaders need to understand how much value they could extract from a collaboration with a team like Lexunit

– the stories need to express the expertise Lexunit brings to the table, through interesting, easy to read, engaging, but also technically detailed case studies, stories and reports from the world of AI

Here are some examples of how we are building up their storytelling:

With the case studies, we are following a 1, or 2-page long format. Straight to the point, technical, valuable, but also engaging stories about real B2B projects.

This article about ‘data cascades’ is an example of creating an educational piece. As experts, every business needs to commentate and reflect upon the developments in their field.

This article  focuses on a keyword (a tech concept or AI-specific expression). We define this expression, give some background to it, explain how it is relevant to Lexunit, and we always deliver some specific insight that comes from the real, everyday experience of the company.

This is how we ensure the article contains a unique value to business leaders and those interested in the AI industry.

2. Company Blog Writing - Rollout IT:

Rollout IT is an IT Contracting company, they place remote working developers to interesting projects all over the globe.

Their marketing is handled by The Palm Group, a digital nomad creative agency I’ve been involved with for years. I write the Rollout IT Medium.

In this project, we want to create a straightforward and original company blog, which showcases the available talent, the vibes, and the personalities in this network. 

We dare to present their opinions as well, and we talk openly about the remote IT expert lifestyle.

Some of my favorite blog posts I had the pleasure of writing for them so far:

This article flirts with assuming the identity of a gonzo report. It starts out as a personal journey, but it offers practical value with tips for attending business events while sharing background information about how Rollout IT operates.

This blog post attempts to reframe the discussion about ‘home office’. We use personal tips and real experiences coming from the Rollout team. This makes the company more likeable and relatable, while offering real value for remote developers who could become members of the Rollout team.

A classic case study format, spiced up. We tell the story of a cooperation with a client (while offering some background info into the Web3 space) but when we interview the developers, we are not afraid to make their personalities and remote lifestyle choices shine through.