/digital druid

On the first day of Spring in 2014, we changed our lives.

We packed up and left the big city agency life, and decided to live a 100% remote lifestyle. But instead of hitting the road as a digital nomad, we wanted to use our freedom to try and live in harmony with Nature, and experiment with a lifestyle which focuses on giving back and maintaining high biodiversity around us.

We moved to a cabin at the edge of the woods and started the slow, careful and observant method of permaculture gardening. 

We had a conviction, that doing meaningful creative work on a computer can and should be combined with gardening and a healthy outdoor lifestyle because that’s the way for this day and age, until at least we can be sure to avoid the collapse of our whole biosphere due to overshooting overconsumption and to anthropogenic climate change.

Feel free to come and experience what it’s like to work overlooking a rural valley, picking your own vegetables and fruit for your meals, heating with wood thanks to a cutting-edge mass heater, and enjoying a humble lifestyle that aims to radiate positive change.

We call this digital druidry.

We think this could be a pillar of coliving and coworking in the near future. So if you are interested, you are very welcome to visit!



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